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University Center Directory

Please use this page to find the names, numbers, and locations of the office you are trying to contact. Also, contact the general office number for all initial inquiries.

Office Name Title Room Number Phone Number  
UC Admin     UC 250


Fax: 262-472-1473

UC Administration will accept up to two reservations per week for small individual table tents; otherwise responsible for the business operations of the University Center
  Bob Barry Executive Director UC 252 262-472-6223
  Rhonda Jones Program Assistant UC 250 262-472-1438
  Cheryl Gabel Financial Specialist UC 250A 262-472-1177
  Alan Goytowski Custodial Supervisor UC 256 262-472-1185
  Tom Federer Building & Grounds Supervisor UC 257 262-472-4939
  Vacant Assistant Director UC 239 262-472-1656
Roberta's Art Gallery UC 158 262-472-3193

Fiskum Art Gallery Web site

  Kim Adams Assistant Director UC 250D 262-472-1477
  Silvia Reyes-Valadez Gallery Graduate Assistant UC 158 262-472-3193
  Gallery Staff UC 158 262-472-3193

UC Graphics and Marketing UC 244 Promotions for the University Center and offices listed on this page
  Kat Shanahan Promotions Coordinator UC 244B 262-472-1239
HawkCard Office HawkCard Staff UC 250

Ph: 262-472-1437

Fax: 262-472-1473

Items related to the HawkCard such as meal plans, dining dollars, Purple Points, lost or stolen HawkCard, etc.

HawkCard Office Web site

  Dave Halbach Assistant Director UC 250  262-472-5749
  CynDee Sentieri HawkCard Office Manager UC 250  262-472-1969
  Amy Seedoff HawkCard Office Asst. Manager UC 250  262-472-1757
    HawkCard Staff UC 250 262-472-1437
Information Services   UC 159

Ph: 262-472-1170

Fax: 262-472-3900

General questions about campus or events

Information Services Web site

  Tonia Harvel Information Services & Warhawk Alley Coord. UC 159 262-472-1171
    Information Services Staff UC 159 262-472-1170
Reservations Office UC 253 262-472-1175 Room reservations on campus, signboards, hall tables, special event advising, etc.

Reservations Office Web site

  Jay Craggs Facilities Coordinator UC 253B 262-472-1176
  Cole Simmons  Asst. Facilities Coordinator UC 253A 262-472-1750
  Reservationist UC 253 262-472-1175
  Steve Nelson Catering Director UC 254 262-472-5093

Catering Web site

Ticket Services  

Ph: 262-472-2222

Fax: 262-472-1329

Tickets for any campus event including sporting, theater and Young Auditorium events.

Ticket Services Web site

  Jeanne Lessard Box Office Manager CA 1014
  Crystal Benes Asst. Box Office Manager CA 1014
Warhawk Alley UC 48 262-472-1164 Bowling, billiards, darts, foosball, video games, bowling leagues.

Warhawk Alley Web site

  Matt Meekma Warhawk Alley Coord. UC 49 262-472-5681
    Warhawk Alley Staff UC 48 262-472-1164