UC Mission

UC Mission

To provide a welcoming and supportive environment that contributes to the educational process and enhances the campus experience.

UC Vision

To be a leader in building campus community.
To create memorable experiences for students and guests.
To be a leader among college student unions.

 UC Core Values

Integrity - We value personal commitment to honesty and truth.  We reflect this in our words and actions.

Accountability - We hold ourselves responsible for excellence in all programs and services, embracing change and encouraging innovation.  We anticipate and exceed the expectations of our customers and fellow team members.

Relationships - We value working together as a team members, committed to helping one another reach our shared vision and goals.  We recognize the need to maintain balance in the various roles we assume in our lives.

Respect - We treat everyone like customers, including our fellow team members.  We smile, acknowledge, listen and communicate openly and honestly.

Diversity - We value the difference between and among people, and open exchange of individual ideas and opinions.