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The Roberta A. Fiskum Art Gallery

Fiskum GalleryThe Roberta A. Fiskum Art Gallery features student and faculty artwork, collections and materials.

Roberta's Art Gallery collaborates with the UW-Whitewater Art Department and Crossman Gallery in developing exhibit ideas, co-sponsoring exhibits, sharing resources, and offering hands-on experience to student interns.

The Gallery also collaborates with campus departments, student organizations and community groups in coordinating and sponsoring exhibits. In addition, the Fiskum Gallery provides experiential art related programs to students and the campus community.

Please view the links below (or at left) for available about exhibits, workshops and special programs. As information is subject to change, the pages will be updated as soon as possible if alterations occur.

Roberta Avonn Fiskum

At the age of 3 years, Roberta was enrolled in the Michigan Yamaha School of Music and continued to study the organ until the age of 15 when she became an organist at UCC Church in Elkhorn. At the time of her death, she was an organist at Fontana Church, playing her last concert on July 4, 1993. Roberta was homecoming queen in high school, participated in track and tennis, and traveled throughout Central America, Mexico, and Peru. The art of those countries would inspire her creative nature.

Whether it was pottery or handwork or graphic design, art played a big roll in all of Roberta's life, finally culminating with a Graphic Arts degree from Whitewater. A scholarship in that field has been established in her memory. Her mentor at UW-W art professor, Amy Arntson, described Roberta as "an extremely creative, talented individual whose work showed a special sensitivity and intelligence."

It was the lifetime goal of Roberta to own an art gallery; therefore, her parents, Robert and Yvonne Fiskum have funded this Student Art Gallery in her memory. Robert W. Fiskum, a UW-Whitewater Foundation Board member, was a coach and assistant professor in the Health, Physical Education, Recreation & Coaching department from 1965-1996. Yvonne E. Siats-Fiskum retired from Gateway Technical College in 2001 after teaching there for 32 years.

 About the Gallery

    • The gallery is free and open to all students and the public.
    • The gallery features 4-6 exhibits and 4-6 experiential art activities per semester.
    • Gallery  Hours:
      • M - Th, 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM 
      • Fri., 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM 
      • Closed on the weekends
    • Gallery Phone: 262-472-3193

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