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My Meals

"My Meals" is a voluntary meal plan you can use at many University Center restaurants, Residence Dining Locations (Drumlin Dining Hall, Erbert & Gerbert's, Esker Dining Hall, and Prairie Street Market for any meal plan option), Andersen Library (Food for Thought Cafe), CA Cafe, The Kettle in Laurentide Hall, and Deloitte Cafe in Hyland Hall.

"My Meals" is available exclusively for juniors, seniors, grad students, and students who live off-campus but are on campus during breakfast, lunch or dinner times. Students who live on campus and are exempt from the meal plan requirement may also select this meal plan.

"My Meals" consists of a block of meals to be used at campus restaurants. The cost per meal is $6.76 each. If you run out of meals you can simply purchase more. The "My Meals" meal plan offers students substantial savings over retail value.

There are 4 reasons to choose a "My Meals" plan.

  1. Convenience. Let University Dining do the shopping, cooking and cleaning up, allowing you to spend more time studying and socializing. The variety, quality and value of our meals often exceed anything else found in Whitewater.

  2. Flexibility. "My Meals" allows you to use meals multiple times during a dining period, as many times or as few times as you'd like during each week. Here is a printable version of the options at the campus: My Meals options for students.

  3. Easier to budget money when you are on a meal plan. With a meal plan you always know that even when money is running low, you have meals to get you through the week.

  4. You stay connected to your friends and classmates. Enjoy the socializing that goes on during meals, allowing you to get together or stay together with members of a study group, meet that person who sits next to you in class, or get together with friends.

If you know you will be on campus often, you may want to consider one of our Fixed or Dining Dollars Meal Plans. Each has their advantages and certainly there is one to suit your needs. Meal plans are fully described on the General Meal Plan web site page.

Terms & Conditions of all other meal plans apply to the My Meals Plan. In addition, specific to the My Meals plan include:

  1. You must enroll in a 25, 50, or 75 My Meals plan first.
  2. Unused meals at the end of the fall semester WILL roll over to the spring semester.
  3. Unused meals at the end of the spring semester WILL expire.
  4. Unused meals are non-refundable.
  5. After the initial sign up for "My Meals," you may buy additional meals through the fall or spring semester.

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