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The HawkCard: Your UW-W ID Card.

Your HawkCard is the all-in-one campus card. It serves as:

  • Campus ID card
  • University Library card
  • Textbook Rental card
  • Optional "Purple Points" debit card
  • Optional "My Meals Dining Plan" card
  • Optional "Fitness Center" membership card

HawkCard Information sections:

How To Extend The Life Of Your HawkCard

The technology that makes your HawkCard work includes an antenna, electronic chip, and magnetic stripe. These are embedded into the card when it is manufactured.

There are three primary reasons for your HawkCard to stop working on electronic access doors:

  1. Damage to the antenna or damage to the bond between the chip and the antenna will destroy the card.
  2. Exposing the card to electro static discharge (ESD) can damage the integrated circuit.
  3. Strong magnetic fields can wipe out the programming on the card’s chip.

Your HawkCard is intended to be used strictly for access control and identification purposes, including meal plans, Purple Points and other specific uses at UW-W. When HawkCards fail, it is frequently the result of unintentional abuse by the card holder. Below is a list of common actions that damage a card

  • Machine washing the card by accident when it is forgotten in a pocket of a shirt or pair of pants.
  • Exposing the card to extreme heat (direct sunlight on the dash of your car, clothes dryer or iron).
  • Punching a hole or slot in an undesignated area.
  • Using the card as an ice scrapper for the windows of your vehicle.
  • Bending, twisting or crimping the card.
  • Exposing the card to chemicals including organic solvents, thinners, mineral spirits, alcohol, isopropyl, ethanol or methyl.

Proper handling of your HawkCard is critical to the life of the card. Avoiding the actions above should help extend the life of your card.

Purple Point Account

A "Purple Point Account" is a prepaid debit account for UW-W students, faculty & staff. You can use Purple Points to make purchases on and off campus at participating departments, all campus vending machines, all on-campus departments, and select off-campus merchants.

Advantages of a Purple Point Account are:

  • Fast & convenient: Quicker then paying with cash at on-campus locations. Your payment is complete in 2 seconds or less.
  • Easy: No need to carry cash, checks, and other credit cards. No annual fee.
  • Accepted at all on-campus dining facilities and vending machines.
  • Accepted at the University Bookstore in Moraine Hall.
  • Off Campus: Accepted at 11 Whitewater businesses. See the current list.
  • Easy deposits: Payroll deduction, web credit card deposits (MasterCard, Visa, and Discover), mail, and at the HawkCard Office.
  • Current: Up-to-date online balances and transaction history available with a click of the mouse.
  • Automatic: Balances roll over each term/year.
  • Debt Free: Not a credit card — no ugly debts. When you buy...you own, not owe.

Terms and conditions for Purple Point Accounts are also available in print from the HawkCard Office.

HawkCard & Purple Point Account Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

 What if I lose my card?

If you lose your card, just call the HawkCard Office (472-1437) during posted office hours, and your card will be deactivated. You can also suspend your card via the Online Card Office web site. Using Purple Points is safer than carrying cash. A lost card does not mean lost money IF it is reported promptly.

 How do I sign up for a Purple Point Account?

Deposits can be made via cash, check, credit card, payroll deduction or with a credit card online. To open an account, just visit the HawkCard Office (University Center, room 250). Additional deposits can be made at the HawkCard Office or online.

 Where can I use Purple Points?

Visit the HawkCard Office web site for a complete list of on-campus departments and off-campus businesses that accept Purple Points.

 Do I need another card?

The Purple Point Account is a feature of the HawkCard, your official UW-Whitewater identification card, so there is no need for you to carry another card.

 How does the payroll deduction option work?

The payroll deduction option is a convenient way to add a specific amount of money to your Purple Point Account each month or pay period without having to write a check or make a cash deposit. Simply fill out a Purple Point Account Payroll Deduction Request form, indicate the amount you wish to have deducted from your paycheck each month or pay period, and return the form to the HawkCard Office. The amount of your request will be deducted from your paycheck during the pay period preceding the first business day of the following month, and will be deposited to your PURPLE POINT Account by the first business day of the following month.

 Where do I get my HawkCard?

The "HawkCard" is the official UW-Whitewater identification card, which is obtained at the HawkCard Office located in room 250 of the University Center.

Faculty and Staff must be entered into the Human Resource database before a university ID card will be issued. The employee should check with the campus Human Resource department to see that this step is complete. When coming in for your HawkCard, new faculty and staff need to provide to the HawkCard Office staff some form of photo ID such as a driver's license, state photo ID, or passport. Your first HawkCard is free, there is a replacement fee for lost, stolen, or damaged cards.

"My Meals" faculty & staff meal plan

"My Meals" is a voluntary meal plan you can use at all University Center restaurants, Residence Dining Locations (Drumlin Dining Hall, Erbert & Gerbert's, Esker Dining Hall, and Prairie Street Market for any meal plan option), Andersen Library (Food for Thought Cafe), CA Cafe, The Kettle in Laurentide Hall, and Deloitte Cafe in Hyland Hall.

"My Meals" is available exclusively for UW-W faculty and staff during breakfast, lunch or dinner times.

"My Meals" consists of a block of meals to be used at campus restaurants. The cost per meal is $6.76 each plus sales tax. If you run out of meals you can simply purchase more. The "Staff My Meals" meal plan offers substantial savings over retail value.

There are 4 reasons to choose a "My Meals" plan.

  1. Convenience. Let University Dining do the shopping, cooking and cleaning up, allowing you to spend more time teaching, researching, and meeting. The variety, quality and value of our meals often exceed anything else found in Whitewater.
  2. Flexibility. "My Meals" allows you to use meals multiple times during a dining period, as many times or as few times as you'd like during each week. Here is a printable version of the options at the campus: My Meals options.
  3. Easier to budget money when you are on a meal plan. With a meal plan you always know that even when money is running low, you have meals to get you through the day or week.
  4. You stay connected to your friends and colleagues. Enjoy the socializing that goes on during meals, allowing you to get together or stay together with members of your department or college, or get together with friends.

Terms & Conditions of all meal plans apply to the "My Meals" Plan. In addition, specific to the "My Meals" plan include:

  1. You must enroll in a 10 or 25 My Meals plan first.
  2. Unused meals at the end of any semester WILL roll over to the next semester or school year.
  3. Unused meals are non-refundable.
  4. After the initial sign up for "My Meals," you may make additional deposits of 10 or 25 meals throughout the year.

Contact Info:

HawkCard Office
James R. Connor University Center, Room 250
800 W. Main St.
Whitewater, WI 53190

Phone: 262-472-1437
Office Hours: M-F, 8:00 am - 4:30 PM
Email: HawkCard@uww.edu
Web site: http://uc.uww.edu/hawkcard/
Click for the Online Card Office web site:


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