HawkCard Office

Lost or Damaged HawkCard

If you lose your HawkCard you should report it lost or stolen at any on-campus cashier location, stop in or call the HawkCard Office, or log into the HawkCard Online Card Office web site (use the "Online Card Office & Credit Card Deposits" link to the left) and suspend your card via the web. Without suspending your card, another party could find it and use your meal plan, Dining Dollars or Purple Points. You ARE financially responsible for any and all transactions made by others against your accounts until your HawkCard is reported lost or stolen. If your card is found, you must visit the HawkCard Office to have it reactivated for your use.

Replacement HawkCards can be obtained by stopping at the HawkCard Office, UC 250. Cards must be replaced when they show signs of excessive wear, become cracked, or broken, or the magnetic strip becomes damaged. The pieces of the broken card must be brought into the HawkCard Office. A $25 replacement fee will apply.

The magnetic stripe on the back of your HawkCard is encoded with your ID number for electronic verification of status and access to your account funds, such as your Meal Plan, or Purple Point account, or Weight Room/UFit membership. If the mag stripe on the HawkCard is damaged, a replacement card will have to be purchased.

Before purchasing a new card, be sure to check with the HawkCard Office in the event someone turned in your card. If this is the case, there will be no charge for reactivating your card.