HawkCard Office

For Parents

 What is the HawkCard?

The HawkCard is the official UW-Whitewater identification card for all students, faculty, and staff. The card also serves as an electronic key for residence halls and is the Purple Points debit card when the cardholder deposits money into a Purple Points account. In addition, the card allows you to use other services for which you have privileges, including: libraries, Recreation Center, meal plans, etc.

 What are Purple Points and where can they be used?

"Purple Points" is the name of the UW-W campus-wide debit system that may be used for Bookstore purchases, food, laundry, vending, photo copies, and many other things. It is available to all students, faculty & staff who have a HawkCard. On the left side of this page, see our links to the lists of on-campus and off-campus locations that accept Purple Points.

 Why should my student have a Purple Point Account? They already have a debit card.

There are many reasons your student should have a Purple Point Account, they include:

  • Controlled spending: Purple Points can only be used at UW-W approved locations, both on and off campus.
  • Security: The Purple Points program is run by the university, so you know whom you're dealing with. Purple Points can only be used on or near campus (not on Spring Break, sorry students), and if they report their card missing, their funds are frozen. They can't do that with cash!
  • Saves money: Your student saves the 5.5% sales tax on ALL FOOD purchases made at on-campus dining locations (Center of the Arts, Drumlin Hall, Esker Hall, Library and the University Center). Only Purple Points can offer this.
  • No annual fee: There are no annual fees, no membership fees, no service charges, no minimum balances. It's a service we provide for your student. It’s the only debit card accepted in campus vending machines, res hall laundry centers and selected copy machines.
  • Fast & convenient: Quicker then paying with cash at on-campus locations. Payments are completed in 2 seconds or less.
  • Easy: One Card, one account, does it all. No need for your student to carry cash, checks, and other credit/debit cards, it's all on the HawkCard.
  • University Bookstore, in Moraine Hall, accepts Purple Points.
  • Off Campus: Accepted at more than a dozen Whitewater businesses. See the current list on our web site.
  • Easy deposits: Allow your student to charge deposits to their university bill; you can also make web credit card deposits (Master Card and Visa) directly to their account, you can mail in deposits, or have your student stop in the HawkCard Office to complete one of these methods.
  • Current: Up-to-date online balances and transaction history available to your student with the click of a mouse.
  • Automatic: Balances roll over each term/year. Purple Points never expire, so students don't have to worry about losing them on some arbitrary date. Students can get a full refund of any remaining balance greater then $25.00 when they graduate or withdraw from the university.
  • Debt Free: Not a credit card — no ugly debts.

 What is the difference between Purple Points and Dining Dollars?

Purple Points is a debit account connected to their HawkCard and can be used just about anywhere on campus. The balance in Purple Points rolls over from one semester to the next.

"Dining Dollars" is a debit card-like account that that is a part of a fixed meal plan or is your students' meal plan if they choose the Full or Mega Dining Dollar Plan. Students use Dining Dollars to buy extra meals, snacks or food from any of the campus dining halls or restaurants. It's just for purchases in the campus dining halls and restaurants. Add-on Dining Dollars are a required part of your fixed meal plan. You start with $50, $75, $100, or $150 for the semester and spend it down to $0.

When students use Dining Dollars, they receive a 15% discount on items/meals bought in either Esker Hall, the Prairie Street Cafe or Drumlin. They will receive a 10% discount at all other on-campus restaurants.

At the end of the fall semester, any unused Dining Dollars will roll over to your Dining Dollar account for the spring semester and be combined with your spring semester Dining Dollar deposit. 

Any dining dollars remaining on your student's account at the end of the spring semester will lapse. Dining Dollars have to be used during the school year for which they were purchased. Students should carefully consider how much they will use their dining dollars over each semester.

Purple Points can be used anywhere Dining Dollars are accepted, but not vice versa! See meal plans for more information about Dining Dollars.

 How can I add money to my student's Purple Points account?

Deposits can be made to your student's Purple Point account from the HawkCard Office web site. You must have the student's ID Number, "Online Card Office" password, a MasterCard or VISA credit card number, and the amount to deposit. Make a Deposit to Your Student's Purple Point Account. The "Online Card Office" password is separate and distinct from your student's UW-W Net-ID password that they use to login to various on-campus computer systems and networks.

 What happens to the money at the end of the semester?

Purple Points accounts remain open and funds carry over to the next semester until your student graduates and requests the remaining balance to be refunded.

Please read Terms & Conditions for more information.