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Purple Point FAQ

 What is a Purple Point Account?

A Purple Point Account is a pre-paid debit account, like a gift card. You use your UW-W ID card, the HawkCard, to access this account. The money you put into the account is available to you for purchases at participating locations both on-campus and off-campus. Your Purple Points are deposited on a dollar for dollar basis…every dollar that you deposit into your account is spendable! UW-W students, faculty and staff can open a Purple Point Account.

 How Does a Purple Point Account Work?

A Purple Point Account is available to all UW-Whitewater registered students, faculty, and staff.

The minimum deposit to open a Purple Point Account is $25. An initial deposit amount of $300 - $350 is recommended.

Make additional deposits to your account anytime during the academic year ($25 minimum in $5 increments).

After purchasing items, your balance is displayed at the cash register or on the receipt you receive.

Unused balances at the end of each semester are available for use the following semester.

Student Purple Point Account balances greater then $25 are refundable upon withdrawal or graduation from the University. A "Request for Refund" form must be completed at the HawkCard Office within 6 weeks of graduation or withdrawal from the university.

Purple Point Account changes for the current semester deposits, including reductions of balance or cancellation, can be made during the second and third weeks of the fall semester and the first two weeks of the spring semester.

Deposits to a Purple Point Account are non-transferable.

The Purple Point Account does not meet UW-Whitewater University Dining Program participation requirements.

 Why should I have a Purple Point Account? I already have a debit card.

There are many reasons to have a Purple Point Account, they include:

  • Savings: Students can save the 5.5% sales tax on ALL FOOD purchases made at on-campus dining locations (Drumlin Hall, Esker Hall, University Center, Library, CA & Hyland Hall). Only Purple Points can offer this advantage to students.
  • It’s the only debit card accepted in campus vending machines, res hall laundry centers and selected copy machines.
  • Fast & convenient: Quicker then paying with cash at on-campus locations. Your payment is complete in 2 seconds or less.
  • Easy: One card, one account, does it all. No need to carry cash, checks, and other credit/debit cards.
  • No annual fee: There are no annual fees, no membership fees, no service charges, no minimum balances. It's a service UW-W provides to you.
  • Accepted at the University Bookstore in Moraine Hall.
  • Off Campus: Accepted at more than a dozen Whitewater businesses. See the current list on our web site.
  • Easy deposits: Charge deposits to your student bill, make web credit card deposits (Master Card and Visa), mail-in, or stop in the HawkCard Office. For Faculty and Staff, you can make regular deposits use payroll deduction.
  • Current: Up-to-date online balances and transaction history available with a few clicks of the mouse.
  • Automatic: Balances roll over each term/year. Your Purple Points never expire, so you don't have to worry about losing them on some arbitrary date. You can get a full refund of any remaining balance greater then $25.00 when you graduate or withdraw from the university.
  • Debt Free: Not a credit card — no ugly debts. When you buy...you own, not owe.
  • Flexibility: Use your Purple Points for everything from a 10-cent photocopy to $100+ worth of books and just about everything in between. You can grab a Pepsi at a vending machine, eat lunch, and buy something new to wear - all with Purple Points.
  • Security: The Purple Points program is run by UW-W, so you know whom you're dealing with. Purple Points can only be used on or near campus (not on Spring Break, sorry students), and when you report your card missing your funds are frozen. You can't do that with cash!

 How do I open a Purple Point Account?

If you are a student, there are three easy ways to open a Purple Point Account.

  • You can open one online at our secure web site.
  • You can stop by the HawkCard Office in UC 250.
  • You can open one during your "Plan-it Purple" day in the summer.

If you are a UW-W faculty or staff member, please stop by the HawkCard Office in UC 250 to open your account.

Remember, when you open a Purple Point Account, you are making an agreement with the University, and you are subject to all the terms and conditions that go along with that agreement.

The minimum deposit for a new Purple Point Account is only $25. You may want to deposit more than that in order to cover beginning of the semester expenses such as books and school supplies.

Buy now, pay later. Students, the deposit for your new account may be charged to your student bill anytime during the first 6 weeks of fall semester and the first 5 weeks of spring semester. You may charge your Purple Point Account deposits to your student bill if you deposit $25 or more and if you have signed the credit agreement with Financial Services.

 How do I add money to my Purple Point Account?

Students have 4 ways to make additional deposits to their Purple Point Account.

  • Cash, check or credit card at the HawkCard Office. The minimum amount you may deposit is $25.
  • Added to your student bill (before each semester or during the first 6 weeks of fall semester or first 5 weeks of spring semester) at the HawkCard Office or by email from our web site.
  • Cash or check at any University Dining cashier location, the minimum amount is $25.
  • Credit card via our secure web site, the minimum amount is $25 (plus a $1.50 transaction fee).
Faculty & staff have 4 ways to make additional deposits to their Purple Point Account.
  • Cash, check or credit card at the HawkCard Office.
  • Regular deposits from bi-weekly or monthly payroll deductions. Payroll deduction forms are available at the HawkCard Office.
  • Credit card via our secure web site, the minimum amount is $25.
  • Cash or check at any University Dining cashier location, the minimum amount is $25.
Additional deposits can be added to your student, faculty or staff Purple Point Account as often as you like. Deposits made to your Purple Point Account must be in $5 increments.

 How long are my Purple Points good for?

Your Purple Points are good for as long as you are enrolled as a student or employed by UW-W. Account balances DO "roll over" from semester to semester, including summer school.

 What happens to my Purple Point Account balance?

If you have Purple Points left at the end of a semester, they will be transferred to the next semester, as long as you are considered an active student or employee of UW-W.

Student Purple Point Account balances will remain open and active for one year after graduating or leaving UW-W.

You may, however, ask for a refund of account balances greater than $25 during the first 6 weeks after graduating or otherwise leaving UW-W. After one year, any remaining account balance will become the property of the university. Purple Points are non-refundable, non-transferable under all other circumstances.

 Did you know that food purchases made with Purple Points are exempt from sales tax?

You do now…by using Student Purple Points for food purchases in any Residence Dining Facility or University Center Dining Facility, you actually save 5.5% on your purchase because you are not paying sales tax.

 Where can I use Purple Points?

Purple Points can be used at locations on campus and off campus! Please see the locations section of the Purple Points Info page for a complete listing of places that accept Purple Points.

 Why can't my parents/guardians view my account balance and activity online?

According to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) we are unable to share this information. The law is designed to protect the privacy of the student. The student may, however, share the password to his/her online account, so that a parent or guardian can sign on as the student.