HawkCard Office

For Students

The HawkCard is your official University ID card at UW-Whitewater, provided to you for the duration of your enrollment at UW-Whitewater and serves as proof of association with the University. Some departments use the HawkCard as a means to grant access to their information and services. For example, the Library, as well as the University Bookstore, use the HawkCard to allow you to check out your books. It is also used by Dining Services to access your meal plan and Purple Points. The HawkCard is a necessity of every day campus life, so please, remember to carry your HawkCard with you at all times.

Please take the time to look through the General Information page, HawkCard FAQ page, and Purple Point FAQ page to familiarize yourself with policies and common questions regarding your HawkCard and Purple Point account. If you should happen to lose or damage your HawkCard, you can get another one from the HawkCard Office located in the University Center on the second floor in room 250. The replacement card fee is $25.

How To Extend The Life Of Your HawkCard

The technology that makes your HawkCard work includes an antenna, electronic chip, and magnetic stripe. These are embedded into the card when it is manufactured.

There are three primary reasons for your HawkCard to stop working on res hall doors:   

  1. Damage to the antenna or damage to the bond between the chip and the antenna will destroy the card. 
  2. Exposing the card to electro static discharge (ESD) can damage the integrated circuit.
  3. Strong magnetic fields can wipe out the programming on the card’s chip.

Your HawkCard is intended to be used strictly for access control and identification purposes, including meal plans, Purple Points and other specific uses at UW-W. When HawkCards fail, it is frequently the result of unintentional abuse by the card holder. Below is a list of common actions that damage a card

  • Machine washing the card by accident when it is forgotten in a pocket of a shirt or pair of pants.
  • Exposing the card to extreme heat (direct sunlight on the dash of your car, clothes dryer or iron).
  • Punching a hole or slot in an undesignated area.
  • Using the card as an ice scrapper for the windows of your vehicle.
  • Bending, twisting or crimping the card.
  • Exposing the card to chemicals including organic solvents, thinners, mineral spirits, alcohol, isopropyl, ethanol or methyl.

Proper handling of your HawkCard is critical to the life of the card. Avoiding the actions above should help extend the life of your card.