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Terms & Conditions

 Purple Point Account Terms & Conditions

Please read this Agreement thoroughly. When you deposit funds into a Purple Point Account, you are agreeing to the terms of this Agreement. The terms "you" and "your" in this agreement refer to the person whose name is on the Purple Point Account. This must be the same name and correspond to the photo on the HawkCard. The terms "our", "us" and "the University" refer to the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater that is administering the Purple Point Account and HawkCard. The term "HawkCard" refers to the University photo ID card. The first HawkCard is provided to all UW-W registered students, faculty and staff free of charge. The Purple Point Account is a prepaid debit account service that allows you to purchase goods and services available as a student or employee of the University. It will allow you to purchase merchandise at the University Bookstore, purchase food and meals at food service locations, operate laundry machines in Residence Hall laundry centers, make vending purchases, and obtain other services on-campus and off-campus without the necessity of carrying cash or a checkbook. 

You will get a receipt, or may ask for a receipt, at the time you make any purchase of services or products at any business with a Purple Points point-of-sale terminal (cash register). You will get a receipt at the time you make any deposit to your account. You will not get a receipt from a Purple Point card reader attached to a vending machine, a washer, or a copier.

 Time Period of a Purple Point Account

Once you have opened a Purple Point Account, it will remain open until you graduate or otherwise leave UW-W and will roll over from semester to semester. Any account balances remaining after one year from when you left the UW-W will lapse unto the University. You may request an account refund within 6 weeks after leaving the University if the account balance is $25 or greater. A "Request for Refund" form is available in the HawkCard Office and must be completed to obtain a refund.

 Unused Purple Point Account Balances

Purple Point Account balances will be refunded when the student is an academic withdrawal and providing documentation, or if the student will be graduating or not returning to UW-W after the semester. Refunds of $25 or more are refunded upon request, and within 6 weeks of the enrolled semester. Student must complete "Request for Refund" form in the HawkCard Office.

 Adjustments, Shortages, and Negative Amounts

The University reserves the right to make appropriate adjustments or corrections to the amounts assigned to your Purple Point Account. Any such adjustments will be fully documented and will be disclosed to you should you inquire about either your account balance or account transactions. Such inquiries need to be made in person at the HawkCard Office, University Center 250. Account status can also be checked through the  HawkCard Online Card Office.

It is your responsibility to keep track of your spending when using your Purple Point Account. Your remaining Purple Point Account balance is displayed following each transaction at all locations where the HawkCard is accepted (except vending machine card readers). If you attempt to make a purchase and there is not sufficient balance in your Purple Point Account, the transaction will not be approved. However, should the occasion arise when, due to system problems or otherwise, a purchase occurs with not enough funds in your Purple Point Account (creating a "shortage" or "negative" amount), you will be billed for such negative amount and agree to pay such negative amounts against funds that may thereafter be deposited by you to your account.

 Purple Point Account Usage Information

You can obtain information regarding account usage, including the amount of funds remaining on your account, and any new amounts added to your account by contacting:

HawkCard Online Card Office


HawkCard Office
800 W. Main St.
UC 250
Whitewater, WI 53190
Telephone: 262-472-1437
Email: HawkCard@uww.edu

FERPA regulations stipulate that the staff in the HawkCard Office cannot provide information regarding Purple Point Accounts and Meal Plans to anyone other than the UW-Whitewater student. If the student grants permission for the HawkCard Office staff to disclose information to parents/legal guardians, the student must click on the link below and complete the "Authorization for Release of Information." This completed form must be submitted to the HawkCard Office by mail or personal delivery.

Printable FERPA Release of Information [PDF]

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 Disputes About Purchases

Purchases using your HawkCard are like cash and as such, cannot be disputed in the same manner as credit or charge card transactions. If you have a question about a particular transaction, the HawkCard Office will provide you with whatever information we may have regarding the matter. Any disputes about the nature or quality of goods or services purchased with the card need to be resolved by you with the establishment or sales location involved.

 Lost or Stolen HawkCard

A lost or stolen HawkCard may be used by another party until you report to us that your HawkCard is lost or stolen. You are financially responsible for any and all transactions by others against your Purple Point Account until your HawkCard is reported lost or stolen. You can also report your HawkCard lost or stolen at any point of sale location where the HawkCard is accepted (except residence hall laundry centers and vending machines) or suspend the use of the card through the HawkCard Online Card Office web site.

When you report a HawkCard lost or stolen, it is necessary for you to come to the HawkCard Office to obtain a replacement card and to "reactivate" your Purple Point Account. A twenty-five dollar ($25.00) card replacement fee will be assessed to you.