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Vending FAQ

 Why does $2.25 or more display on the card reader that is on a soda or vending machine when I swipe my HawkCard?

Soda, juice & Gatorade machines dispense products that cost from $.60 to $2.75. The reader is programmed to check your account for the largest possible purchase in the machines. The card reader on the snack, cold food and coffee machines work the same way.

 Am I paying more for soda and snack purchases using my Purple Point Account?

No, the actual amount deducted from your Purple Point Account is determined by the price of the product you select. The amount displayed by the product selection button is the amount that is deducted from your Purple Point Account.

 Why is the balance that displays on the vending card readers not the actual Purple Point account balance?

The account balance that displays on the vending reader at the end of a transaction is the balance of the "Daily Spending Limit" for vending and laundry machines.

 What is a "Daily Spending Limit"?

Purple Point Accounts are protected so that no more then $15.00 per day can be used at campus vending machines and laundry machines. This amount was established in consultation with Residence Hall Association (RHA) and Whitewater Student Government (WSG).

 Will this "Daily Spending Limit" apply to Purple Point transactions at any new vending machines on campus when they are installed?

Yes, the "Daily Spending Limit" applies to all card readers on vending machines throughout the campus. Readers at all other locations where Purple Points are accepted display your ACTUAL Purple Point Account balance.

Vending Locations

Residence Halls
Arey Benson
Bigelow Clem
Fricker Fischer
Goodhue Knilans
Lee Starin
Tutt Wellers
Wells East Wells West
 Academic and Other Buildings
Andersen Library Ambrose Health Center
Center of the Arts General Services Building
Heidi Hall Hyer Hall
Hyland Hall Laurentide Hall
McCutchan Hall McGraw Hall
Roseman Building Student Athletic Complex
University Center Upham Hall
Visitors Center Williams Center
Winther Hall

Vending Contact Information

UC Information Services

Office: UC Information Services, Room 159

Phone: 262.472.1188

Email: vending@uww.edu


  • Monday - Saturday, 8:00 AM - 9:00 PM
  • Sunday, 12:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Refunds/Report a Problem

If you need a refund due to a vending machine problem, please follow the instructions posted on the vending machine that caused the problem. Instructions are different for each building on campus.

Vending machine problems may be reported via email to vending@uww.edu or by calling 262-472-1188.

You may also use this on-line form to submit any problems or refund requests if your web browser is not configured to send email messages. We appreciate you reporting the problem so it can be fixed as soon as possible. Thank you.

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