All events and activities in the University Center must abide by campus alcohol policies. Alcoholic beverages may be served on a catered basis. Alcoholic beverages must stay in the beverage serving areas. Both open and cash bars are available through catering. Click the following for the campus Alcohol Beverage Policy.


If a reservation is no longer needed, please contact the Reservations Office as soon as possible to avoid charges. If you are canceling the reservation after 4:30 Monday-Friday or on a weekend for that day please contact the Building Manager at 262-472-1439. If you are contacting the office during normal business hours, Monday-Friday 8:00am-4:30pm or the reservation being canceled has a chance for processing during business hours, you may cancel via phone or email to the Reservations Office.

Catering Policies

A complete booklet of menus, prices and policies is available at the Catering office or online at All catering orders are placed through the Catertrax website. Our Dining Service Provider, Chartwells, supplies all food and beverages. Any questions regarding food service please call Steve Nelson, Catering Director at 262-472-5093 or by email:

Catering and reservation bills will be mailed to one party. Prices are guaranteed upon signed contract.


We ask that customers who will be providing entertainment at their event consult the Facilities Coordinator for additional information for the entertainer. We have a variety of advanced amenities that may be appropriate to the entertainment or we may need to schedule a Tech Manager to assist at your event.

Internet Usage

If your reservation requires guest internet access (somone outside of the University, not having a net ID that will need to log on to a UW-W computer or wifi), you will need to request a guest account. Please do this as soon as possible as it takes iCIT time to process the request.


Parking permits are required on campus lots and may be purchased at the Visitor & Parking Services, 826 Starin Road or by calling (262) 472-1011. The following text is taken from the Parking Services website:

Q: Is there any time that parking permits and meter fees are NOT enforced?

A: From noon on Fridays, until midnight on Sundays, and on legal holidays. Parking 2:00 A.M. to 6:00 A.M. in commuting student lots is allowed on Fridays and Saturdays.

Q: What if I only need to park on campus occasionally?

A: Temporary parking permits are available, at a cost of $1.00 for each 12 hours or $2.00 for a 24 hour period. Permits may be purchased at the Visitor Center. Walk in, drive up, or use the 24 hour vending machine located near the drive up window.

Rental Fees and Charges

If your event is held during regular business hours and you are a recognized student organization or department on campus, there is no charge for custodial and student building managers. Otherwise, the customer will be billed for this labor in accordance with our meeting room specifications and prices. Please inquire about building hours, as they change in relation to our academic calendar.

Responsible Use

All groups and organizations to use the University Center facilities will be responsible for the actions of their members and guests, and the proper use of the facilities, furnishings and equipment in the scheduled areas by anyone attending the function. Fees and labor costs will apply if any damage is found to the facility as a result of a group's use of the area.


Smoking is not allowed in the University Center. Smoking areas are available outside building entrances, 25 feet away from the building.

University Center Policies

The following policies explain the use of University Center and Campus Resources as functions of the Reservations Office.

University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Policies

The following explain the some of campus policies and procedures.