Reservations is now accepting Fall 2014 Series Request Forms.  The priority deadline is April 25, 2014.

You will not be able to save this form with written information -- please fill it out electronically and print out or by hand or other means available and send to UC 253, fax to 262-472-6227 or scan and email to

One-Time Meeting Room Requests

Click on the link below to be taken to an internet form for single requests. Please note that this is only a request and not a confirmed reservation. You will be contacted via the email with a confirmation or called via the information given if a conflict in time/space arises.

    If you do not hear from the Reservations Office within a timely manner (1-2 business days) in regards to your single online requests, please contact them at 262-472-1175, or by stopping in case of a technical error.

    Series Meeting Room Requests

    Series meetings that are held on a regular basis (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc) throughout the semester in the University Center or various other buildings on campus. This form will have to be filled out each semester at the appropriate time and is not self-renewing for any group.

    Single Occurrence Events

    Single Occurrence Events are one time, large events such as conferences, dances, receptions, banquets, special speakers, and lectures. Special Events ARE NOT weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly meetings that are held at the same time and location each meeting. Please read through the form instructions before submitting.

    Requests are processed by the following criteria:

    • Attendance appropriate to the facility.
    • Preference to student groups in University Center facilities.
    • Catered events given priority in dining areas.
    • Events having extensive technical needs.
    • Campus-wide recurring events that impact students and facilitate student recruitment.
    • Historical experience with a group as to changes made in requests, cancellations, no-shows condition of facility after event, and policy. 

    Forms for Fall 2010 and Spring 2011 are available. Any event for Summer 2011 can be filled out on the Spring 2011 sheets. The priority deadline for next academic year's special events will be March 19, 2010.

    Mall Request Form

    The University Center Mall and Esker Mall can be reserved for student organizations and departments to host outdoor events such as fairs, fundraisers and sales. The form below is a pdf that can be filled in electronically and emailed to or printed out and delivered to UC 253. The form may be printed out without writing and filled out by hand if preferred as well.

    Donation Bins, Hall Tables, Sign Boards, UC Balcony Banner & UC Display Case

    The Reservations Office also takes reservations for the outdoor campus sign boards, donation bins, hall tables, UC balcony banner and the UC display case however there are no online forms available. Please contact the Reservations Office at the information below to check on availability and make your reservation. Please see the policies page for information regarding regulations for each of these resources.

    Mac users, please use Adobe Acrobat Reader, not Preview, when filling out any forms electronically.

    All forms can be: e-mailed to, faxed to 262-472-6227 or dropped off in UC 253.