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Need a ride home this weekend or want to carpool to class?  Finding a ride is now free, fast and easy with Zimride.

Simply log on with your Net ID, enter where you're going or where you need to go, and Zimride will find compatible matches for you!

What is Zimride?

  • Zimride is the leading provider of online social rideshare and carpool matching
    systems in North America. For too long we have driven our cars with empty seats.
    Zimride is a simple way to find friends, classmates and coworkers going the same way
    you are. Combining social networks and online route-matching, Zimride makes it easy
    to share the seats in your car or catch a ride. Zimride empowers you to create social,
    sustainable and convenient transportation.

 Is Zimride Secure?

  • Yes, Zimride is secure.  You must have an active UW-Whitewater Net ID to log into Zimride.  After you ride with someone you can also rate them on everything from safe driving to music selection.  In addition, Zimride allows you to see if you have any friends in common prior to riding with someone.

 Zimride Etiquette

It may seem obvious however, here are some things to consider when sharing a ride.

  • food, coffee, smoking and yes....even perfume/cologne usage

  • radio choices

  • how long the driver will wait for delays

  • who is notified is someone is sick

  • driving safety

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Contact Information:
Kat Shanahan
UC Promotions Coordinator
(262) 472-1239

Wes Enterline
Sustainability Coordinator
(262) 472-6709