Whitewater Weekends
UW-W Football Game Crowd

Welcome to Whitewater Weekends!

The UC staff has created this unique web site to inform you of the many activities that you can do on weekends in Whitewater. “Weekends in Whitewater” are only as boring as you make them!

We have attempted to list as many links as possible to a variety of places for up-to-date activities & events. “Things to do” range from academic related to sports related to entertainment. We have tried to list as many activities as possible within Whitewater, however, we realize that many of you also have cars for coming and going, so we have also included links to many activities within about an hour’s drive of Whitewater. This includes Madison, Milwaukee, Rockford, IL and the northern suburbs of Chicago.

We hope you find this useful and will refer to it often when staying in Whitewater for a weekend.